Rabbits Lawn Care Services in Manhattan, KS

Lawn Mowing

We keep your lawn neat and tidy by mowing, trimming and sweeping on a consistent schedule. Save time by letting the experts handle your lawn care!

Commercial Services

Are services aren’t limited to residential yards! We also maintain landscaping for housing complexes, office parks and other commercial properties.

Yard Cleanup

If your yard is over-grown, you have landscaping you’d like to remove, or you just need some help getting your outdoor space in shape, we’re ready to get down to business.

Leaf Removal

When the leaves start falling, we’re ready to pick them up! Leaf removal is time consuming and labor intensive. Let us gather and dispose of the leaves in your yard, bushes and gutters.

Fertilizing/Weed Control

A yard needs more than mowing and water to be healthy. It’s important to fertilize as well as control the weeds in your yard on a yearly basis. Let us apply the care your lawn needs at the right times.

Trimming Services

Have overgrown bushes, shrubs or small trees in your yard? No problem! At Rabbits Lawn Care, we will trim your landscaping to make it tidy and clean.